Friday, March 9, 2012


hey lovelies :) :)

starting off on a positive note of course…breakfast!!! if only you could make something so lovely last all day and night, and that if you woke up with a good mindset and ate a lovely creation, using your imagination…you would be happy :) im pretty sure that works for some people. ah, if only…:/

breakfast today was apple-raspberry-ginger oats ;)


melange of irish quick oats and bob’s organic oatbran, cooked with frozen raspberries, cinnamon, ginger and natural raw almonds, topped with 1/2 tiny mac apple (microwaved) & crystallized ginger, bit of skim milk too :)

i don’t have a lot to say, so i decided to be fun (yes…) and make a video. it’s boring though, random, and i just talk about stuff…im finding it much difficult to change things and to move forward, and i guess idk its frustrating, for me and for people around me im sure.

has anyone else had crazy mind weather? it was sooo cold last week, and then like 30 degrees warmer within a few days, and down again. its crazy ---> :O like that! aha i don’t know how to do cool smilies. oh i forgot to mention the oscars, which is so sad because i love them, and films, and acting. and i used to make the day a whole event, and i was so excited but nervous, even if im there sitting at home. idk i get nervous for them, other people’s speeches :P but we were away that weekend so i watched it with my mom lying in bed in a hotel/resort room ;P

oh i just remembered something! ahhhhh ;) well, it excites me…

i can’t believe there is such a recipe in there, it was one of the simply smaller books, devoted to “tea time” and what not ;) perfect i think? i’ve never had a french macaroon. macaroons, yes…and i don’t like (or didn’t like) them much, so when i heard of macaroons i assumed it was a reference to those. but nooo ah these are so delicate :) i don’t think i should try this. but perhaps i should eat one from a store? i have no idea where they carry them though ;(

stupid silly thing here, i think i fixed it so its partially public (ish)

anyway, i hope you’re doing well. i know i always say that, but it’s genuine: i really mean it :) i will try to post something happy next time, i really need to work harder, i know that. but actually doing it is the problems. but its just excuses…i want to thank you though for being so kind and honest and sweet. im so grateful to have met such wonderful people through this. and people that i can relate to, and talk to when i need to, especially a few who i feel i’ve become quite close to.


okay, ahhh end of sappiness ;P i love you all like a pb & banananna sandwich (which i haven’t had in a while ahhhh! must make it soon)…

xox love jen


  1. Your oats look and sound so yummy! And oh yes French macaroons are so exciting! Sometime last year I had discovered them and really wanted to try them, but could not find them anywhere, so I decided to bake them myself! They are quite fun to bake, though I want to find an authentic one and see how they compared… someday. Hopefully your weather is starting to sort itself out! And I hope everything is going well! xxx

    1. oh my gosh you made them? you're a talented one, you are ;P thanks so much, i hope you're doing okay. im not great but, trying i guess :/ xoxox

    2. Yeah, they were great fun to make, though my first two attempts did not quite go as planned, but managed it in the end. I hope things get better for you.