Saturday, April 11, 2015

raisins & almonds

happy spring :) :)

what a perfect thing to say when it's freezing rain and just above freezing temperatures in my city :o but it's supposed to get up to fourteen (celsius) tomorrow which seems like a little bit of a long shot.

breakfast from sometime last month i's in a folder labeled "fall/winter '14" so i assumed so...
anyway, i just wanted to say hi and write a little bit, hoping there might be someone out there listening. and, if not, i think it's just a bit therapeutic at times. i might write this down in i'm going to get a snack now because i'm hungry.

***okay it's now a few days later and much warmer now; it's saturdayyy, but i work today :/ oh well. obviously i have no work ethic as i left this post right in the middle. i miss blogging but i never have much to say, i mean anything positive or noteworthy or just interesting. 

i can't believe this was almost five years ago :/ i had just come back from third year university in another province, i can remember this day (and sharing this bar--which was from another blogger in the states--with my parents); that's so sad how i remember that much, i need to stop focusing on the past so much, seriously...
i went for a short run this morning (very very very short) and it was sort of spring-ish but colder than yesterday, although there wasn't as much wind (the wind was crazy yesterday and i was pretty much blown over several times on my way to and from work ahah..not funny though) ... anyway...what's new with you? whoever is reading this...i'd love to know ;P oh! my eldest cousin (i guess full cousin, though her father is my dad's half-brother as they just share a mother) had a baby early yesterday morning i believe (she's in San Francisco/we're in Toronto, and with the time difference i think it was about five am our time) and it's the first great-grand-child which is great for my grandmother as she won't be around much longer. her name is madison :) i love it. my mom was like, "...madison??? ...oh, so maddie; aw that's cute, now that's cute!"

just drinking my coffee...
i feel like this winter has been the longest one of my life. normally i like cooler temperatures (compared to the insane awful heat of the summer) but this past year has been sort of hellish. i say this as a total privileged first world/developed country sort of thing because i realise that my life is non-comparable to most and that these 'problems' of mine are rather insignificant. but's been a bit brutal hasn't it? but i'll regret saying this in a couple of months when i'm dying of heat exhaustion. i wish the seasons were like they used to be; at least spring and fall. they are so short now, just a few nice days and then an immediate temperature change into the unpleasant winter or summer months. it depends on where you live, of course, but we used to get nice spring and falls. at least, that's how i remember my childhood. i grew up in a small town north of my city though, so maybe that's why.

i don't really know how to end this, but hopefully i can write here again with something fun. wish you all the best and happiness and what not ;P ... 

lots of love xoxox

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