Thursday, February 25, 2010

these are a few of my favourite things

hey loveliesss :) hope you're having a wonderful day. i decided to make this post a bit different, and show photos of things that make me happy. i only have a few days left of my break and then it back to school, and away from home :( but i'll be back in a little over a month so it's not an eternity.

see you later <3 xox


  1. I love this idea! Things that make you happy, such a comforting thought.
    Your cat is adorable; I have an orange and white one too!

    Hugs xox

  2. hey thanks lexi! its a bit random, the photos aha :P aww you're cat's probably cute :)

  3. tee hee i love your kittie! so cute!
    And hey...good idea! Happy things make the world go round!