Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my ladybug lover

hello lovelies :) :) how are you doing today? its sunny here, but i dont feel sunny. for some reason i dont like how its nice out, makes me feel worse. anwho, i woke up and looked on my ceiling and said hello to my stevey-poo, then the next time i looked up he was crawling above my head so i almost freaked out...thats a little too close steven, im still a bit antsy about ladybugs near me. but i like to look at him

i dont want this post to be negative so i will try to make it a happy one :) hmm. what do you do to relax, calm down, help anxiety...i try to do yoga regularly, breathing, etc. but its not enough. any ideas?? i'd love to hear some, honestly!

i went to take a picture of my cereal this morning but after tuning on my camera it shut off, so i had to charge the batteries :( but a 'lil description:

- a few types of cereal (shreddies, organic oat squares, shredded wheat little bite sizes...maybe some more i dunno
- some skim milk
- wheat germ
- 1/2 ripe ripe ripe ripe ripe banana
- cinnamon, ginger, cinnamon :P
- walnuts

think thats it.

i really want to go home :( ugh. its just a strong feeling. and i dont feel well and i hate feeling sick all the time. i know i complain but really i also feel like shit. i dont even remember not worrying about things on a regular basis, feeling happy, not anxious. its become a constant thing and when i dont feel it its like...what is this feeling?? then it goes away quickly :( ahh oh well.

i said i'd make this a happy post, so hmm i think there are 3 ladybugs, stephen, another or maybe its just 2. i see another one on the blind. that will be a female. i think they're married, stephen and...dakota. speaking of dakota............................

tadaaaaaa :) im so farrreaking excited to see the runaways ahhhh too much excitement. hello daddy hello moooommm im your che-che-che-che-che-che-che-che cherrry bombbb :D

i will talk to you all later, and please leave a comment okay????? xoxoxox <3 love


  1. Okay I'll leave a comment! :) Comments make me happy, too.

    Awww, I'm sorry you're having such a hard time! But you seem to have a really good attitude about it. When I'm anxious really deep breathing is awesome, gets the oxygen into my head. Also reading a favorite book, lying on my bed with my puppy, journaling, painting, taking a hot shower (I don't like baths but you might), and eating comfort food (though if that increases anxiety then maybe some soothing tea?).

    Say hello to stephen for me, okay? (You're too cute.) Love you girlie. <3


  2. lucie i love you thanks so much :) yea i have herbal tea a lot, my cat isn't here because im not at home :( ill talk to stephen maybe he'll make me feel better :P

  3. I love, love, love comments, too!
    hee hee

    Ohmigosh, your ladybug story made me laugh OUT LOUD! funny! I used to be okay with bugs until a spider bit But it's funny because I still like to watch them as long as they don't get too close. LOL. too close, and I start tweaking out.

    brakfast sounds so yummy! I love cereal, but I love my oats more! hee hee

    I'm sorry your so YUCKY-feeling. =[ It breaks my heart because I know exactly how you feel, lovie. =[[[[
    To unwind, I like a cup of HOT coffee. And maybe a book, or a bath, or just laying down and listening to music? and blogging. I like reading blogs. a lot.

    Hope it helps somewhat!

  4. alexandra you're such a sweetie :) love love love thanks so much for such a great comment. and very helpful! xox