Sunday, March 7, 2010


hey lovelies :) :) GUESS WHAT'S TONIGHT? the academy awards yeeeeeeeeiii. so excited. sooo. hmm i dont even have a tv here so hopefully i can watch some online, if that exists :( that would be awful to miss it. i used to watch like the entire thing started at 5pm with all the segments but i think ill just watch the event mainly tonight as i have stuff to do. i feel like i haven't seen a lot of the films involved which is a bit sad. ahh okay im also very excited just for the hosts (steve martin and alec baldwin) because they are so fucking funny. anyone seen "it's complicated"? amazing, and especially with meryl streep who i adore. oscarsss

okay, moving on. ohh i received my very first wedding invitation today. for my cousins summer wedding. i've never been to one before, and she's the first of the grandchildren to be married, second to be engaged as one couple haven't been married yet. im so excited. but its also a bit scary because this means that we're getting older. i mean, she's one of the oldest cousins but i don't plan to be married for like 10 years so i hope no one's expecting anything :P hehee though my grandmother (only grandparent left) asks me often if i have a boyfriend. i don't, and i believe she's disappointed but i will have one soon Granny don't worry.

so i was planning on having an excited picture of a new pb+c my first, but the store had just 3 kinds, and i wanted a plain one...i thought i would go for the honey one but they were all best before like a few days ago :( i told the person in the store about it. just in case...

i was happier this morning but now im so homesick ahhhh but it was super gorgeous out like HOT! hope you all have lovely days. xox

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