Monday, March 8, 2010


hello lovelies :) :) did you watch the academy awards????? fun!

it is so lovely out today! i was surprised when i went for a short (like really quick) run this morning, sun was up and i don't remember it being that sunny earlier in the day. i assumed it would be like a blizzard since it was nice yesterday and usually we get the opposite the following day here...but its okay! im watching mr ladybug #3 right now...hmm needs a name, stephen :) yea. so stephen is just crawling next to the photograph on my windowsill, of my cat :) okay so i think im seeing alice this weekend sooo excited!!!!! a lot of people mentioned that they were seeing it this past weekend...for those of you who did, how was it? ohh stephen just flew onto the blinds...

class in a bit so i gotta jet, but ill talk to you all later, hope you have great days xox


  1. OMG you are so adorable with naming ladybugs!!! :D I am the exact same way. Last night there was this gorgeous winged lime green bug with really curly antennas on my light, and he let me scoop it up and walked around me hand. I named him Steve, no kidding... Then I left and came back five hours later and Steve was still there! So we said hello again and he crawled around on me some more and then I put him back and we said good night. He was really beautiful, omg I am so weird. :)
    Love you!

  2. ahh maybe its the same one :P i usually like them but after a bad experience when i was younger (like there was this infestation and we had swarms around one of our balcony doors and oh it was so bad) im a bit scared of them, but they are beautiful. i love that you made friends with him hehee. love you too