Thursday, March 4, 2010


hello loveliesss :) :) quick post as i gosta dash, aha i know my posts are always short but i really have an excuse this time. ohhh my god i have so many bananas i don't know why i didn't realise and they are ripening at the same time. i have no flour, no more ww left but any recipes sans flour? counted like 13 yesterday and a few are gone :P


blurryness is sexyy

finished my last midterm yesterday and no more large exams till april, just lots of assignments, tests, essays so maybe that's partially good? its grey out today. hmm . not nice really. im not sure if winter is over or not, im still expecting to wake up one morning to snow plows, blankets of snow and high winds. i think mr groundhog said a long winter but im not positive. i feel like i read that on someone's bloggie.

anywho i hope you all have superb days ill talk to you soon xox

ps. i had to go and came back to finish this, i left like 5 min before my class, which takes me 15 minutes to walk to...if i run. oops :( but i got most of the notes in anyway. seriously though i do need to run now as i have more class and meetings and such but lskdjflksdjflkj it was raining slash hailing or whatever and random big drops of water kept splashing on me.

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