Friday, March 26, 2010


hey lovelies :) :) its raining out. sad. but its friday...if that makes people happy!

today i had oats with

- oatmeal (right..)
- wheat germ
- banana
- cinnamon
- dried cranberries
- bit of skim
- a few shreddies
- a few almonds

and my plain yogurt with a bit of pure dark honey and a few pieces of walnuts...

sorry my photos aren't very appealing :)

hmm i have one class and then later on a meeting with my counselor. hope it goes okay, its been longer than usually between eetings but i sort of am at a standstill. anyway i dont want to get into that here, i feel weird talking about it :P i tried to call my parents last night but no answer. oh well, ill try again today maybe. eeeee so like two weeks of school left and then a few days then i go home :) im just so lonely lately, its pathetic but im sad and crying a lot, and so anxious like this week was hell for anxiety, feeling sick and worrying about getting sick, etc. and im always nervous about going out like with friends and it takes so much, im not sure whats wrong but i just cannot wait to go home. and figure out stuff for the summer, and jobs and get my anxiety like under control. im physically experiencing some bad things too so it just makes it all worse, i dont know if its something im doing to myself, from anxiety or sickness or all the above?

sorry to be a downer. oohhhh i have an idea leave a question in the comments or something, i want comments, well nice ones :P

aha nice pose umm jeans from a+f kids hehe, uo tshirt, jacob-connexion cardigan, uo long necklace...probably boots of some sort as its raining

okay well ill talk to you all later hope you're doing okay!

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