Thursday, March 25, 2010

ladybug love lover

hey lovelies :) :) quickyy post today...aha aha aha, okay im done.

today i had yogurt plan natural with pure honey and cinnamon, and a mixture of cereal in a bowl (shreddies, shredded wheat bites, optimum cinnamon blueberry) with some skim, banana, almonds...

oh my god. okay so update. i have another ladybug. its weird, so last night i was reading on line about keeping them alive in the home till they leave and i stupidly never took the raisin advice from lucie so put some out, dakota (or i thought it was her) seemed to like them, so hopefully she'll get more fat stores to keep her okay for a while, see i read that they live off of those in the winter and raisins can give them fat is good :) :) and i woke up in the middle of the night and saw that she was in the same position on a raisin and i was like, hmm she must like it, then it dawned on me that maybe she was stuck. so it was dark and i was poking at her and finally i thought i killed her, but she has a shell so it was all good, i think she was pissed at me for bugging her. but today i walked past and turned around and she was on the floor like centimeters from where i stepped! i was like dakotaaa you crazy thing i almost killed you.

but...okay so here's the weird thing. i saw another ladybug on my desk, really red with spots. so i think that was dakota, and the other one is new? stephen is mia at the moment. but im still going to call the one from last night dakota so this new one is Ruby because she's dark. so that's it. im officially a loser. :) i dont mind right now.

speaking of dakota...

i adore her. her style. her acting. she's so amazing!

and i cannot believe that people are getting so see the runaways before me.

outfit today is a+f kids jeans dark, brown tank, long tank f21 perhaps, little thrift blazer

okay i will talk to you all later xox


  1. haha so funny about the lady bug! ;P I LOVE Dakota as well omg did you see the runaway...she was amazing, she is so gorg. and so talented + love her style as well!


  2. nooo eliza i commented on your post about it im SO JEALOUS OF YOU GAHHH i want to see it xox love