Friday, March 26, 2010


hey lovely lovelies :D its saturday yeaayyy

how are you? any fun plans for the weekend?? studying pour moi pretty much, maybe some other things im not sure...

anywho, breaky was a mixture of cold cereals:

- shreddies, shredded wheat bites, optimum bloooberry cinnamon...
- banana
- wheat germ
- skim milk
- cinnamon
- almonds


ohhhh my goodness i received a lovely package friday. MAYA :)

my love ehehe aren't they lovely? i felt so special :) and this...

thank you soooo much lovie ahh seriously i was so so so so so happy and giddy and everything such a great package. so many new things for me, most of it was stuff i've never seen before, but read about on blogs, esp these two lovelies :) i went to pick it up in the reception room and ahh i love i just saw the cutest writing on the box with my name and everything thank youuuuu :)

putting my prezzzie to good use (how cooote is this bookmark?????)

this truly lifted my spirits yesterday :) im feeling down a lot but this made my happy so thank you lovie from the bottom of my heart. okay, loveliesss leave some comments, questions, etc. okay? jokes, i won't be annoying :P hmm well i think i need to get back to work now, creating notes for one of my film tests next week eeekk, its a hard one but this time she gave us a set of potential questions in advance which we can work out, take in a small Q-card so that's better! i hope i do well. i must do well aha. i talked to my family last night :) my brother was also over for dinner so i was able to speak to my mom, dad, and him too! scooore. they were in the process of making dinner and i was passed along to each person when they had a minute. i think i was interrupting them but i don't care aha i needed to talk! seriously. and im their daughter so i guess its allowed if i annoy them? yea i think so hehee. im excited for my birthday (not till june) because i think ill be getting a new camera, probably with bday money and such, i was talking about it with my dad and he has a nikon SLR or something like that...anywho i will get one similar, i just have a smaller digital now so the new one will take nice photos hopefully! i love photography, i just want to get into it more. im not very good now though. i took some photos when i was last home with his...

those are ginger snaps so yummy, my moms cookie :)

and from a few summers ago aha i dont adore tubing but i love my cottage :)
that was a fun weekend.

okay thats all for now :) byeee

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  1. I have a cottage in ontario too! Where abouts is yours? Looks like the Muskoka area, so nice there. You can email me in case you don't wanna broadcast!

    Hopefully today turns out better than yesterday :)