Friday, March 5, 2010


heyooo lovelies :) :)

coffee is life

how is everyone? almost one school week down since i've been back. wooppp. chyea :P

my own version of pb+j oats :) i had a group presentation in my theatre/modern/history classes. i really hate doing presentations like that. i know that i love acting and want to do that but i get so nervous being in front of people, especially when im myself, presenting work and such scaaary. anywhot went alright. but i haaate myself like i was crap really. its so pathetic because i love acting but i feel like i just let myself down. but omggg it was so windy i was literally trying not to fall over when i walked. i remember my first year at uni and this new city was so windy and i was not used to it and got so upset when i would try to walk and just almost fall over when the wind blew from the side aha especially.

ahahahaha clearly i need photography lessons :P

after we finished our presentation i felt a bit of a lift off my shoulders and felt happy ish walking back, but that happens and then it goes away. like it feel sso nice because its like you feel happy for no reason then i realise that i used to feel like that almost all the time. i dont mean to be all like ohh wo is me but honestly its rare. and then i feel sad and i wish that when i completed things i could feel relieved but for some reason it just goes away and i cannot relax and something else comes up. i hate this so much. but enoughhhhh of that i hope everyone is well ill talk to you later xox


  1. Happy friday dearest!

    Don't put yourself down; it takes a huge level of courage to even stand on stage, let alone speak. When I find myself criticizing my school work/ body/ etc. on days like that, it helps me to think of two positive thoughts for each negative. You are lovely and strong. Remember that!

  2. heyyy :) thanks that was a lovely comment and i will try the two positive for negative thing xox