Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a grey day

hey lovelies :) :) how are youuu? ahhhh its raining. like hard core. i think it went all night. boooo

anywho, breaky was this...

hmm bananacranwalnut oats?...

i love dried cranberries but, i dunno like not today? i think they're better with cold cereal, something didn't taste right. note that for next time :P

alrighty i know i say this all the time but im sooo excited to go back home. i fly two weeks from today :D how cool is that yoo? but today i have class. thats okay though. im at school so it makes sense.

to match the weather perhaps?

i hope things get better, for me and everyone. im a bit selfish and i get caught up in my own problems, i dont mean to but they bother me so much and im constantly a total complete mess. if i was looking at me from another point of view i'd think...pathetic. i still do, but i also know that i don't mean to be like this and i have so much anxiety that its fucked up ('scuse). ahhhhh why am i like this????? i just want to be happy. so i say that i will, but then something happens and its like...back to square-one. its so dumb. anywayyy, enough of that. i hope it stops raining :) but i guess its good for the trees. april showers as they say. wait, its not april yet. hmm. ohhh april fooools day tomorrow! i always get scared on those days, that someone will play something on me. most people disregard the fact that it only lasts until like 11:30 am so i can't be safe after that, most people keep at it aha.

okay well thats all for now, sorry for the total downer post as usual...i don't know what to speak about, any ideas? also ask me questions!!! xox love youuu


  1. for the comment? you're welcome. and thanks for stopping at mine xox

  2. Don't worry about seeming like a downer! It's your blog to record your thoughts and emotions just as they are.
    I hope that things get better for you too! Have fun on your visit home, and don't let anxiety get in the way tomorrow, okay lovie?

  3. :) thanks lovie, its not a visit home though im done school for this year so its home for a while yeayy xox