Monday, March 29, 2010

just a pause

hey lovelies :) :) quick post today, i know i normally do this but im finding it hard to put things down, my photos are not interesting, eats aren't really its better to write when i feel like it. but i do love doing this!



coffeeee of course but no piccy of that, same mug as before :)

im so so so so so exciting for home, partially because i'll have nice backgrounds for photos instead of this like plastic colourful tablecloth that was in the apartment when i arrived hehe. its fun i guess. it had like little kid marker stuff on it and when my parents flew over with me at the beginning of school we tried to get it off with bleach but nopeeee. ahh adds character i guess right?

does the change of font, size, colour make this more interesting? i made part of it bold too. ahh takin some risks today :P

okay well i must jet (those are my initials too!) and ill talk to you all later...

outfit photo today

bye loves xox


  1. Happy you added me on FB!! Don't be so hard on yourself... I too often think, 'are my posts good enough? What do people think?'
    Just remind yourself that you are blogging for yourslef and your enjoyment! Have fun with it!
    Love the colors!!

  2. aww, sad! I love when you write long posts! I like reading stuff. a combination of pictures and words is my favorite. =]
    And I think your food looks interesting! Food photos are my favorite, especially if they're practical like oats or yogurt!
    and Alexis is right! Blogs are for our own personal RELEASE. Enjoy it and make it however you want it to be!
    Write, and I guarantee people will read it!

  3. ahh no and my post today was a bit short :( sorry. i will try to make an effort, its even worse since im only posting like every other day now. xox