Friday, April 2, 2010

happy good friday

hey lovelies :) :) hope you're having a nice day off, whatever you're up to :P this will be a much bigger post, as i don't know when i'll be writing next, plus i have pictures from the last bit, missed some days, etc.

breaky today was...

a little darky-dark, there are some oats underneath that bundle of goodies :) are y'all? kidding i don't say y'all, not from the south, not even from the states...but i guess anyone can say y'all right :P what sort of things should i talk about on here? i know i don't type much, don't have a lot of readers, but people say oh its your bloggie do watcha want...but im out of ideas...anyone? ...anyone?...bueller?

some rando eats from the past little bit...

yummy cookie/bar type thing...

i've been od-ing on these :)


so its getting closer to home yee :) a week wednesday. and im done classes in a week, then some examsers and such...then my daddyyy comes a day before we leave, packin' and stuff, boxes to ship...then flyyyy away :D i don't even like flying at the moment but home is on the other side. is anyone else in uni, when do you end? i think the states ends more like in may right? i know you all had your reading weeks or "spring break" aha, so i guess you still have a term or half a term or something.

i think this was tuesday or thursday?
true religions with stripped body suit
3/4 length aha, and Banana cardigan

so, that is all for now, i guess this wasn't too long of a post, but for me it is :) i will talk to you all later.

love you lots


  1. i love your blog

  2. really??? i love YOU aha thanks. xox

  3. Have a wonderful Easter weekend xxx

  4. LOVEE simple pleasures!! suchh a canadian snackie heehee ;)

    yay for the end of the semester! best time of the year ;)


    ps CUTE FLATSS!!

  5. thanks :) they're slippers aha and yeaaa canadian. xox