Tuesday, March 16, 2010


hey lovelies :) :) i woke up this morning a bit earlier than usual, and got up before 7:30 (i know that's not too early but usually i set my alarm for around 8) and it is not quite light out, the sun is peeking :P craaazy daylights saving thing ahh.

so im excited to go grocery shopping today :) im almost out of my honeybear, plus i also want to buy this AMAZING honey the creamy kind but its organic (not sure if that matters) and its like clover something? and natural but creamy too, so.freaking.good. mmmmm. and more almonds, and cereal, fruit, veggies, some other things :) but i have class too.

i spoke to my parents on the phone last night and my mom was telling me about my cat and how cute she was, sitting on her big chair all like curled up, she does this thing where she lies and then sort of puts her paws to cover her face and shes in a ball, and you can still see her eyes though, hard to explain but its so sweet and my mom was just making me so sad :( i miss her. i miss my mom too aha, and my dad but you see my cat cannot talk on the phone so...:P

hmm highwaisted skinnies (uo), black gap tank, yellow thin tshirt and vest from uo with a maple leaf pin from an old neighbour a few summers ago when i did my immersion en suisse program, to remember my country :P

just a short post today as i need to get going. hope you have great days. xox


  1. Hey :)
    I like your blog and love finding more bloggers from Canada! I don't have a blog, but I like to creeeep haha
    I live and go to University in Toronto. How sad are you that we don't have Trader Joe's in Canada?? I'm determined to open one up here hehe

  2. hey! i know ahh when i see canadians i get very excited :) im going to do my last year there/next year actually and i live there normally (though i go to school somewhere else). and yea we don't get so many things that they have in the states :( you should totally open one up :P xox

  3. Small world! I don't go to the U of T, I should have clarified haha. I go to Ryerson, (hopefully no one is creeping this!!). What program are you in?

    Do you shop at Whole Foods? Its so big that I feel like I miss all the good items! If you have any suggestions, feel free to pass along your favs!

  4. oh sorry my fault i read university OF toronto :P ooops. thats cool ryerson's good! i was in acting and im going a bit of history/theatre/film stuff. i have never been there..we have one? aha..i should have known i can picture one near avenue and bloor...honestly ive never been! give me some tips :P