Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ohh hello wednesday!

hey lovelies :) :) camera was out of batteries when i was about to snap my breaky, but here's a photo

of. my. love.

ehh yesterday wasn't so great, i felt so sick, im just a bit iffy today but yesterday was quite awful :( i hate feeling sick, it happens often but i had to miss both classes though i did manage to walk to the grocery store and back in the morning, in pouring rain. you see, i was telling my mumsayy on the phone that, though i adore the nice weather, it was beginning to get too hot too soon, as its usually not warm until may but i didn't mean i wanted it to rain. its so awful when it pours and the wind blows. its supposed to be like that for a few days straight. one of the things that i do not like about the province that i go to university in...the wind, rain, and how they combine to make it impossible to stay semi dry when you go out with an umbrella...i mean forget the umbrella as the rain is coming sideways, the wind is blowing and your pour umbrella-ella is inverting :) i can laugh i guess because i manage to look ridiculous holding it tight with both hands, walking against the storm nearly falling over hehe...but at the time it isn't funny. ahhhhh cannot wait to go home i fly back three weeks today :D and my dad will be with me so that's nice, company

today's hue tights, long grey tank (old navy) and mini-dress thing (a+f kids), grey cardi from oldnavy too, necklace (u.o)

and my victoria secret slippers :) hehee they are tres comfortable, like soft flats

alright, so i hope today will be a better day. i'm saying this now: today will be a better day. so it has to be. i hope everyone's doing well, sorry for the short post but im out of things to say, and i hate being so negative so i'll let you all go, talk to you later xox

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