Monday, March 22, 2010


hey lovelies :) :)

i hope you all had nice weekends. its mondayyy woooopie, and its spring, though i guess that started saturday? i think that's what my mom said, something like 2pm on saturday.

anywho, breaky contained...

update on stephen and dakota, so i do know which one is which, though im not sure if thats the stephen i named in the beginning...does that make sense? ive decided that one is stephen, he has one half completely black and the other spots, and dakota has spots and is much more red in colour. im strange...but i was told (by the lovely lovely lucie) that if you put water out, they'll be happy. so if i see one ill put them on the desk and pour water there and see what happens. i thought dakota was drinking but then i realised she was stuck and the water had brought her off her im sort of killing her by trying to help her good one, good one...

anyway, i have class in a bit, three more weeks!!!!! ive finished two more major essays so thats good, just another one, a few tests and quizzes and then my exams of course. i hope you have great days, talk to you later xox

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