Tuesday, March 9, 2010


hello lovelies :) :) how is everyone doing today? hope your mondays were nice :P

i have a history class in a few, and then need to get some errands and such done...then another class. i tried to call my parents last night three times. they didn't pick up :( they haaaate me :P i was going to talk about the oscars as we did a little "friendly bet" on the academy awards best actor, actress, picture...i think i won by one. so i get a chocolate bar or something, though i told my dad beforehand that i didn't want to get one, so maybe ill ask for a larabar :P hehe well my dad's coming to get me and help me bring back everything to the city i live in and we'll fly back together, around april ish so maybe he can get me a snack or cool drink at the airport :) since i cannot take a water bottle through because of security and then i don't get a drink till later. bleeee okay i will stop rambling im so weird and plan things out and often they don't happen so STOP!

here are some biscotti that i made for my mom the christmas before last <3
anywho I have to go as i'm a bit late for class now, but i wanted this up before this afternoon as i love you all so much and know how dyyyying you are waiting for my posts (ahaha funny me). about stephen update, i think there are more and im so scared of waking up to a swarm of ladybugs. after lucie's comment yesterday i got excited that we might have the same stevey boy ladybug (not aha) but now im worried that i will have an infestation or something. hope not :) xox

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