Tuesday, April 6, 2010

oh em gee

hey lovelies :) :) good to be back :D seriously.

okay, breaky today was this:

- red river hot cereal with added goodies, yogurt with honey...coffee.

I've had internet issues for the past while, couldn't work on certain school stuff, contact anyone really, etc. not cool, but i think its back on, not sure if it will last. I do realise i'm dependent on the internet though, for support, keeping in touch, just to calm down in a sense which isn't healthy, but i was so anxious and freaking out and sick and stuff and it just wasn't fun. but its not like im going on to surf, i am connecting to either lovely bloggers or friends from back home, people i do know, and without it im lost, especially when i'm in a panic. i mean i called my mom last night after dinner because i felt so sick, had been on and off and told her i was having a lot of trouble calming down. i didn't even care, i don't mind being open/vulnerable to her i can't help it. she was great though, i wasn't supposed to call till tuesday so it was a quick chat, she was making dinner aha. and she told me to try a few things. i loveth her.

anywho, lots of pictchaas from the last few days, eats...

yummy treat thing from the lovely lovie :)which conveniently is sort of rich in riboflavin

so yea i have a week left till home. DID YOU HEAR? chyeaa babyy. so fareakking excited. final in class exam thursday, finished my essays thus far, hand in my last take home then, and next tuesday i'm done with exams. with third year. with this city. wooooooooop :D ahh no this is a nice feeling. and i will get better at things, i will become healthy, happy, a nicer person. its time for a change.

some outfit picsss

back to basics...

on another note, i think i have some deficiency of certain vitamins, ive searched myself and i know that self-diagnosis is not a good idea, but i think im lacking in either iron, vit b2 or both...see i have the symptoms and had them once before in grade 10 when i started restricting, well i started before that, but even when i began eating a bit more i was hardly drinking milk and not really eating cheese, eliminating fats, etc...and those can cause what i'm experiencing. and right now i know that im eating more nut oils but probably not getting much milk intake. so i need to have more milk, nuts and leafy veggies, i used to eat tons last year but since i was having digestive and other unpleasant issues i started to decrease...so i guess i need to have more of those. anywho random but i wanted to say that :) anyone else get this? a main symptom (if that's what i have) is dryness in the lips but also, this is a bit gross, but like cracked on the side? and no matter how much lip stuff i put on its like painful, and my mouth is dry and stuff. but yea i don't want to get into that it sounds weird. aha, but besides what i mentioned what are good foods to eat to help this? iron i guess spinach, other green veggies, etc...

ANYWAY...i hope everyone is doing well. i'd love to hear from you. talk to you all soon...

lots of love


  1. Oh those little snack things look good! x

  2. aha yea they're interesting but i like them :) i've never hear of them before. maya sent them though so im not sure where to get them xox