Thursday, April 15, 2010

home :D

hey lovelies :) :) so i flew back yesterday and now im back home!!! yeaaa. fun fun fun.

anywho, breaky today...

return of the rabbit bowl

- large-flake rolled oats (didn't have these in my place at school only instant)
- bit of banana
- tonssss of cinnamon and ginger and nutmeg
- with many almonds
- bit of crunchy muesli added
- some milk too

i have a doctors appointment in an is important and i have stuff to discuss, but i dont like the doctors. i get paranoid about the sicknesses and stuff. but hopefully it will be aaa okay. on the plane yesterday i watched an episode of extreme makeover home-edition (which i used to watch ALL the time...i dont even have a tv at school though aha) and the family was this one woman and she had adopted 8 children, all with mental and or physical disabilities...many were in wheelchairs with no legs or for some reason or another couldn't walk. and they had flights of stairs in this old and too-small-for-them house so the girls would get up the stairs pushing with their was so sad, so they obviously deserved so much. and the mom was amazing, she helped them and is so selfless. and they did have a boy in the family who just passed a few days before christmas, he was 22 :( so the had to clean out his room for her before they re-built it and found a diary where he was explaining how much pain he was in, but that he was going to keep trying. ahh it was so heartbreaking, but they were so happy and why not? they all have dreams, amazing families.

eeee i was SOO excited to see her last night :) :) :)

i have so much to do now though, finding a job for now, i've done a bit of stuff longdistance but now i have to finalize things. i want to get a few clothes though...aha sort of messed as i don't have a job quite yet. i also need to figure out plans for my last year of uni. but its still early so im not too crazy worried.

random outfit pics (actually just from one day) :P

for those of you that don't eat meat (i do but not a lot) how do you get your protein, as i'm lacking in nutrients overall so i need to make sure i eat better. i have lots of nuts, nut butter, eggs at times though i might have some intolerance unless its in my head. i need to start re-introducing things back into my diet, but im a bit scared.

okay that's all for now i hope you're all well loveee


  1. Hello girlie!
    So glad that you are feeling comfy again at home!
    I am an ovo-lacto pescetarian, and I get my protein through dairy products, and the occasional eggs or fish. Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are excellent sources. Nuts and nutbutters are great
    but are not complete proteins unless combined with a whole grain somewhere throughout the day. (Same goes for legumes/beans.) You can also use protein bars or supplements (i.e. powder) but I only eat pro bars on rare occasions. Hope that helps!

  2. ohhh okay yea i eat tons of whole grains. i should have more bars but they are expensive :( hmm lots of people eat like powders but i might just get a better multiV. thanks :) xox