Thursday, April 8, 2010


hey lovelies :) :) it sunny today!

first exam, handing in a final and an essay and then just two more next week on mon and tuesday then DOONE. :D

some oat bran with a ripe frozen banana, wheat germ, almonds, cinnamon, almond
raisin muesli (aka all i ate when i was in res at uni aha),
yogurt with cinnamon, coffee before hand...

i had so many bananas, very ripe ones and the kind where you eat them and its like...ohhhh no taste fermented or something gahhh so i froze one for today and now the ones left aren't entire black aha :P i don't want to bake anything so i couldn't just pop them in the freezer. i have a problem with buying so many, ones that ripen at the same time. i just love bananas though ahh.

dark skinnies, uo tank thing i think, gap cardi thingy...though i changed that portion afterward

eeee i just finished the exam and came back to finish, COMPLETE. it was fast, and the building was i think having a fire alarm so we ended up writing it outside but its hot and sunny and uncomfortable yet i finished it before too long and then handed in my take home along with it and get outtta thurrr. i know you all care about these details :)

anywho, i must do some more things and class and such, so ill talk to you all later.

much love loviesss