Sunday, April 11, 2010


hey lovelies :) :) i hope your weekends are going well! its quite sunny today, rained on friday and yesterday was a bit mixed. i haven't been out yet though so i'll see what the temperature is like.

breaky today was...

MASSIVE bowl of oatbran right there, i was trying to finish up the package since im leaving to go home in a few, but it was a tad more than usual. ate most of it though :P ahh sad tale i just went to get a few almonds, and i don't have many left but did my last grocery shop thing yesterday and i stupidly tipped the container to my mouth to like pour them in, and sooo many fell on the floor i nearly cried...i love almonds...:(

anywho, tomorrow i have my second last exam, and the last on is tuesday, so i must study. and do a bit of this:

there's just never enough space to put everything...

a few photos from the last few days...

friday's i believe, a mixture of cold cereals :)

okay i lied i just have that one photo. i cannot believe how soon im leaving. 3 days pretty much! but i need to make sure i do well on these exams, get through the last few days, pack and stuff. im just taking things off the wall and i usually leave that till last because everything looks so bare otherwise. but i don't want to be unprepared when my dad arrives, so its best to start now. maybe a little while ago aha, though i started packing clothing a long time ago since i could not wait to go. and now i guess im a bit happier.

i miss my cat so much its killing me. so im also super excited to see her :) loove her so much. anyone else have pets? we got her from an animal shelter in grade 8 and she's very sweet, kind, just lovely really :P

okay well i must go, study, pack, etc. hope everyone is doing okay. see you later.

love you lots


  1. oh my goodness so so so happy for you!!!! :) (personally i want the opposite- to get away from home! but i know you've been counting down the days until you can leave.) good luck with your exams!!! :P i just have my little puppy (maltese) and a whole bunch of fish right now, but in the past i've had >20 mice and >40 hamsters (one in particular named ragweed i loved like a dog, no kidding), rats, chickens (now i will always hate chickens), a cat, crickets, a toad, a tree frog, a rabbit (i am a rabbits-should-live-outdoors advocate), a ball python snake, and gosh i don't even remember what all. ;) basically everything but a horse, which is the only animal i really, really want.

  2. aha wooaahhh lucie thats a lot of pets, i've just had a dog when i was little and then nothing until we got our cat :) ohhhh forgot the ladybugs!