Monday, May 17, 2010


hey lovelies :) :) i hope your weekends were decent. or amazing. or whatever. i was at my cottage for a few days as i probably won't be up much if i work on weekends, not sure yet. i was going to post tomorrow morning but wasn't sure if i'd be able to fit it in at that point so we just drove back and i thought...whyy not :P

breaky today was red river, i made it for my parents aha they said it was good :)

im stopping by a place for potential work in a few minutes...worried but honestly this is soo ridiculous i've been home from school over a month and no job :(

anyway, the cottage was nice, it was actually really warm there, sunny mostly and not too windy.

im sort of thinking of selling things on a site, like older or vintage/homemade items...i don't have a ton but it's an idea i'm thinking over. i feel like it's a lot of work, well i'm sure it is! i don't mean a lot of things, maybe the etsy one :) do any of you sell items on there?

i made these aha i was going through my parents stuff and they were giving things away and i cut off my mom's old jeans, they look pretty tard-ish though eh??

my dad was snapping photos like a crazed photographer doing dishes :) ahaha and i stupidly left these at the raybans, they're actually my dad's old old old ones :D so i put them on when i was cleaning up after dinner and he decided to capture that moment.


ohh and i received a purchase (well i made one i mean) from my breakfast shop and i just wanted to show the wrapping because it's absolutely beautiful and lovely and amazing, totally put a smile on my face

i love the details and little additions, its very unique.

hmm so its weird, i get these memories associated with other places and points in my life (good or bad)... i guess that's common, sort of an association thing. often bad feelings associated with bad memories. but for my cottage, i don't know how to explain but this summer is starting to remind me a bit of one i had when i was 15, a bit to do with weight, and i feel sort of eager to do some of the things i did then, not all of it is negative/poor habits but sort of? but i feel like it won't be unhealthy. i hate that so much of my 'happiness' depends on certain things like weight, clothing, food, and some other things, but its more of a control thing really, and i've been out of control and i don't like that at all. so i feel like this time i'm in a better mindset, i know i won't do anything stupid, i know i won't get away with anything. but i just ugh sorry this makes no sense but i have these confusing thoughts. i guess i like having plans and if i'm unhappy then i think having a goal or plan or point to reach i feel motivated.

eee :) i can only do mirror photos :P

okay well i reaaaallly need to go to the store to meet employers and stuff ahhh seriously this is getting lame on my part. i hope you're all doing well. love you lots


  1. I haven't found a summer job yet either. Good luck with the search!

    I know what you mean about my happiness depending on weight/looks/etc. I'm trying to get over that though. Being alive and healthy should be enough to make us happy!!! :)

  2. you are so right, and it sounds selfish when i feel that i need this stuff...but its such a nagging feeling! ahh i know about the job :( i hope you find something really soon too! xox

  3. First off, let me say love the raybans!!

    I totally get one you are saying about certain places bringing back memories about your ED. The whole season of summer is a challenge for me because these past few I have usually done horribly, but I know that this summer is going to be so much better and I am actually going to enjoy it! Good luck with the job hunt...I know a bunch of other people who are looking for jobs too. They are very hard to find these days!