Friday, May 7, 2010


hey lovelies :) :) how are you all doing?

i just wanted to get a post in since i wasn't sure if i'd be able to do one on sunday and then the weeks over :) so onto things...

todays breaky was a melange of cold cereal, with 1/2 bananamana, wheat germ,
few almonds, skim (after digging in i paused to add a bit more cinnamon, a few frozen bluebs,
a few dried cranberries...maybe some other things ehehe)

i woke up this morning and sort of dozed on and off till around 8. no one else was up, except my cat of course. turned on the coffee and realised that the dishwasher didn't go last night :( so i turned it on...went downstairs to (bad bad bad) watch a few minutes of tv before anyone got up, and before i poured myself any coffee.

im a nice person, i wait for the others first :P i also went for a walk with my parents before breakfast which was nice, i was so happy it cooled down and it was windy, but they were complaining that it was too cold. i have no idea what's wrong with me but i can't handle heat at the moment, so this was really lovely for me.

a postsecret image

tonight it's my brother's birthday celebration, and i baked a cake yesterday with my mom. just a mix. but still, super pretty :) and we bought chocolate cake with vanilla icing...yes that's a toughy to put together but my mom managed to ice it and the top still looks white! no cookies n creme look which is what would have happened had i iced the thing :P we still need to write messages on it so that will happen today. he's actually over at the moment because he has an important exam today but he'll be back tonight for the partayyy.

i actually haven't bought his present yet. ooops! ahh i need to do that today before he comes back. i feel like im so pathetically boring on here, i just never know what to write about. i guess i write about my life but it's not at all interesting at the moment. i know i don't have many readers but i'd love suggestions on what to put down here. i know it's my blog, but yea i just sort of don't know what direction to take.

i keep having different type of cereal, and hot and cold, etc but its no fun anymore. i need ideas :) oooo that's a good thing post a breakfast-themed bowl or something aha :P

everything just sort of looks the same here. oh well...

so it's mothers day tomorrow :) i love mothers. ahah. and mine too. i think my dad is taking part of the day to spend with his mother, and my mom's mother died a few years ago. i guess we'll spend some of day together as well. her sister's have been visiting my nana's (my mom's mom) graveside for the past few years and its close to where they live, far from us. but my mom mentioned that she might go and that i could come too. i've never really visited anyone's grave before. at her funeral only the siblings went to bury her so i've never seen it. i remember the ceremony being very sad. i do want to go but i'm not sure what to expect really.

random story..we rented avatar last night to use on a blu ray that was purchased upon moving into our new dad had a whole entertainment system installed and wanted the 'latest' thing :) but apparently you need to upgrade the system to play newer dvds, especially avatar i guess since the technology is recent. so yea we couldn't watch it aha oops. its so freaking long though! i think i'd just like to see it in theatres its still out i think, it did well money-wise.

okay well i'll talk to you all later, hope you have great weekends, see you soon


  1. thank youu i hope you have a great weekend as well xox

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your coffee mug and saucer are adorable. :)