Saturday, July 17, 2010

a quick hello

hey lovelies :):) i hope you're doing well! I've been busy (still) and i just wanted to say a quick hello to you all. i don't know if anyone's reading it though :P work has been stressful, and just there are many aspects of it that are causing me a great deal of difficulty. i might be taking a short break from it, and returning (if that's possible). i also need to figure out some health, emotional, school issues that are very important at the moment. of course that depends on what my parents say...

today i had time in the morning which was nice, but im anxious and in a huge knot. i went for a tiny short run and showered and then had a bowl of cereal mixture with skim, banana, almonds, blubes and cinnamon. plus a bit of coffee:

normally i just have time for a quick bit of coffee while reading and then i need to eat and run pretty much :(

i hope i don't end up wishing the summer to end, like wishing time would go faster so that i can "get through this" tough time for myself, because then its over and its school and life just goes past me while i'm not enjoying it at all. its hard to be in the moment when i want to plan and control so many aspects of my life, and many things scare me so much.

sorry for such a short post, and a negative one at that! i think things will get better. i love you all :D


  1. love you too! and of course i'm still reading! <3

  2. Ahh hun, just take each day at a time... you'll get there.
    and summer will always be back again next year!!

  3. :) that is true but i hate wasting life, thanks though xox