Thursday, April 28, 2011

efff murphey's law

hey lovelies :):)

so...i'm sort of finished exams i think. now the waiting game begins :/ anywho, i must focus on the positives. although there may be few at the moment...that's totally okay.

today's breakfast was, not so great, i made a small serving of organic scottish oats with water and a bit of an extremely (sort of gag) ripe banana, i've been away for a few days and had many ripe bananas and unfortunately was not able to eat them. i tried a bit of some but its too much (and i normally can eat ripe nanners) so i froze a few. i don't have any flour but i'll get stuff for here so i can make some type of banana bread. anywho, the last of the ginger (tearrr) and 3 almonds, a few tbsp each kashi go lean, special k regular and organic multigrain squares, and some skim.

wednesday's breakfast similar to monday (plain organic instant oats..along with 1/2 nannner for natural sweetness and yummygoodness, many small almonds, cinnamon, tbsp flax granola, 3 tbsp kashi honey sunshine and squares, with skim milk & coffee, after a run)

after film, i went shopping. as in physical, not online shopping :/ aha with my mom, things were not so great but i went anyway and just felt guilty spending money, and all in all the experience was a but rough but i miss going shopping. and i love my mom :) she accompanied for moral support tehe and to try a few things, and get a coffee. that didn't work out as well as hoped (due to me) but it was a test. i might get a photo to show of things...though most are hanging as i washed them...and perhaps ill take photos when i wear them? they're also all at home. im excited to wear things again. not that i wasn't wearing anything. i love putting things together and just certain types of clothing and get inspired but lately, or for the past like half a year it hasn't been fun and i just didn't put effort into things and in general, i don't know, i didn't like what i wore a lot of the time. so i want to start styling myself more :P ohhh gosh i didn't get this somehow i liked it but didn't know if i'd want a print like this on a top, plus the style of the tshirt wasn't my favourite but at urban outfitters there was a petit prince top :D i got another t, well a few but a cropped one with a bicycle dunno hard to explain but i shall get a photo. i normally love uo but this time i wasn't that happy with what i was finding, i felt so odd normally im like dying over everything so im not sure if im just at a loss of inspiration...but i did like their tights and varied t's and i guess dresses. and i wanted american apparel things but i just went online and they don't have the things either in stock or size or anything, like the black shorter shorts with tights, or certain cardigans or like basic skirts kinda? i'll check again.

my baby wanted to join in :P

i need to start taking action though, in everything and im trying to get more motivated. it helps to read you lovely posts as you're taking chances and moving forward and are inspiring. so thank youuuu

haven't had one in forever, favourite larabar after my film exam monday

isn't it odd/annoying/hell that when one thing goes wrong its like everything breaks loose? for me these past few days (or weeks or months) is sort of ridiculous. i could laugh. but it's not really funny. the only thing i can say is somehow when everything is a complete nightmare you sometimes get this odd and random and completely non legitimate burst of tiny inspiration, thinking that hopefully things can get better from here.

'till next time loves :) :)


  1. Gosh, sometimes i feel like that when I go shopping, I think of all the beautiful clothes and how much I would like them, and then I stick to my usual outfit of baggy linen trousers and top :/
    Maybe that can be one of your motivations? Getting into fashion will be much easier if you feel better in yourself and you are looking after yourself better.
    I can really feel you sounding more positive, so keep it up, you can do this :) if I find inspiring things I like to write them down or print them and then stick them somewhere that you will see, so you cannot forget them!
    You can do this girly :)

  2. aw thank you so much love :) the thing is fashion/style/clothing is a bit if a trigger for me, not letting myself wear certain thing unless im x pounds less or thinner in areas :( the note thing sounds like a good idea :D xox