Monday, April 25, 2011


hey lovelies :):)

this morning's breakfast was quaker oats original/plain (instant) with banana, cinnamon, kashi honey sunshine, multigrain squares, granola and skim.

i also added a small tsp of some pb+co nut butter, no stir natural. i normally do not add those to cereal, even warm oats though it helps when it melts. i tried it today and it was okay! also, i normally put almonds and didn't have those today so i wanted some form of nut :P

i went for a short run first, but prior to that i had a lil hunt. you see, im old. but i've been away from home for easter each year for a while due to school, and this year i was "home" (in the same city anyway) so i stayed last night as we had our easter family dinner.

some goodies from a bunny...

then tonight i will be here as i have an early exam planned tomorrow (film cultures II). but last night, gosh i wish i took a photo. we had a carrot cake, though i just tried like a few bites, it was all natural though and you could taste each flavour. i tried something new instead, a carrot cake clif bar, and part of it i had for my dessert a little later on with 1/2 banana and 1/4 cup or so multigrain squares. it was good! oh i would have a photo but my mom also tried a bit, and then threw out the raper (how dare sheee!) and im not about to go through out garbage, so just imagine, though i'm sure many of you have had it before. it was my first time! i still think the oatmeal is my favourite, and otherwise i've just had this one and another (chocolate or pb which i didn't enjoy as much, i like the non dessert/rich ones the best). i just couldn't have the cake. i mean, it was extremely rich and my stomach is dumb (and i worried about having the bar and other foods) but also, it just scared me a bit too much. i did try a few bites though, and that was good.

a few days ago i saw a facebook album of my friends' graduation, the same uni as me but i'm doing m last year from my home city, instead of a few hour plane ride away. and i was just so proud but also sad. i feel like i made the wrong decision by doing it here, but i knew i'd keep going downhill faster if i were far away again. however...i just am regretting that. its not like im doing well here, and as i saw those photos they looked happy and i just got this terrified thought that i won't be able to do that this year. im supposed to and everything is planned. but i don't know anymore.

an afternoon snack (along with some plain yogurt)

so, ugh sunday morning i had arranged by oats and my camera was dying, bt it di take a photo and shut down afterward. i assumed it was captured but after connected the usb thing...i discovered it didn't :( it was "banana-apricot-almond" themed, old fashion oatmeal cooked with water, cinnamon, ginger, 1/2 dried apricot and part of a ripe nannner, along with a few almonds chopped and 3 tbsp each granola, rice crispies, organic squares, and some skim). just imagine the image please :D

so i just came home for abit to study, and i'll go back to my family house. but first i spent too much money on bars :S and cashew nut butter which actually wasn't too expensive. i've never had it so we'll see :P also, i got a few new things that i haven't had: the cocoa-coconut or something lara? and the maple nut clif. as well as a flavour of another bar, its canadian owned (taste of nature organic bars) but each flavour is themed with a place, and i've had the ginger (which has like pieces of ginger in it yumm) but i got like blueberry i think? which is...nova scotia apparently.

i must go study though for sure, i spent more time than planned here, im the queen of, erm, avoidance? if that makes any sense. tehe

love you lots, until next time...

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