Monday, July 4, 2011

here's to new beginnings :)

hey lovelies :):)

to start off the day, this morning's apple*currant*almond oatmeal
old fashion oats in water with cinnamon, chopped golden delicious apple, currants, shared between three people, almonds on mine :)

fortunately, i was able to go to my cottage for a longer visit than normal, in honour of the long weekend (canada day...the first) i guess july forth was also part of the weekend :) but of course the first is the most important :P so i have been away for nearly a week? and it has been quite nice. away from the computer, school, the city, etc....apart from today, i was not even thinking about my computer, but the anxieties came back because i just have so many things to check when i get back home. and my brother was up too, we drove together (my parents came before the rest of the world apparently ugh worst. traffic. of my life. thus far anyway...) and as he doesn't come up much (neither do i) and doesn't see my parents often and just wants to be busy all the time, we did a few different things because he wanted to make the best of it. so it was nice :)


old fashion oats in water with some ripe banana, cinnamon, topped with a bit of pb+co smooth operator, yummy flax granola, bit of milk.

the first night we watched the perfect getaway. ohhh gosh seriously intense filmage there :P honestly, has anyone seen that? obviously the title implies that it is about the opposite. nightmarish getaway to say the least. but the ending, ahhh i don't want to spoil it but i think you should all see it, okay?

re-reading for the billionth time...preparing for the end of an era

i went for a run one day, earlier in the morning. well i actually slept it but it was a bit early...ish :P and after showering/etc i had a bowl of cold cereal:

multigrain wheat squares with sliced banana, almonds, nonfat soy milk.

...and then we had to leave ;(

i am so sorry ;( seriously. i feel ashamed, really :/ to leave everything off with that last post, it wasn't nice at all. i like being honest, but when i think about how i want people to read this (i think ?)...i don't expect anyone, i wouldn't want anyone and i highly doubt anyone would want to read that piece of 'literature???' i left last time. we all have enough going on in our own lives (the good and the bad), and it's not helpful to hear someone just complain and write about everything that bothers them. and i cannot believe how incredible some people are, just absolutely wonderfully amazing, i don't deserve nice words like that. so thank you for being so helpful, more than i could explain in words, even in real life probably.'s to new beginnings. i promise ;)

lots and lots and lots of love & such xox


  1. awww, lovie, i didn't even see your last post (something with my google reader glitched) and so i just went back and read it now, and i know how you feel, trust me. i know what it's like to not feel "enough" of something and gosh, it is just SO HARD to let go, i struggle with the same things myself. but in any case, i think your hair looks beautiful, i always have, and don't worry, it will grow back. i cut my hair really short about a year and a half ago and it is just grown back now, but i came to accept it, and got used to it and such. and i definitely don't think you look like a man! you are very pretty and dainty (not that i really know you in real life or anything but whichever) and while it isn't always helpful to read about others' struggles, it is very useful to write it sometimes, so i hope that you are feeling better.

    well, i am glad you had a good time at your cottage, it sounds wonderful over there, so take care lovie and don't stress out, okay?

    xxx alexandra

  2. aw you are too too too amazing :)