Wednesday, August 3, 2011

hey lovelies :):)

its august :):) the only thing that excites me is that autumn is soon :P i sort of missed the end of the month, i mean normally i remember that it's the thirtieth or thirty-first (or twenty eighth for february) but today i just realised the new month had already begun! i've been at my cottage for about five days which was nice, and im not sure when i'll be up. it was emotionally and physically lovelyyy to get away from the city, even though i was studying a great deal of the time, and it wasn't an extremely long trip.

today's breakfast...i went for a short run in the rain, it was humid (not so nice) and after getting ready i enjoyed this, i thought i'd just demonstrate the whole picture:

plain oats with banana, cinnamon & ginger, almonds added afterward, along with a few tbsp each almond-raisin-granola + organic wheat squares (soaked in non-fat soy-milk in the turquoise cup :P) some coffee.

and im so full, like i don't understand what's wrong, i had this a few hours ago but sometimes i eat a little and my stomach kills, i feel like swollen or something, other times i eat and feel like i just didn't eat anything...:/

i'm feeling a bit more motivated, but at the same time even more stressed :/ gahhh does that usually happen? its sort of annoying. and sleep-wise, sometimes i do, often i hardly do and i'm having so much trouble falling asleep some nights/mornings and don't want to be resorting to meds or something each time. not that it even helps. but i just wish that i didn't stress about it quite as much, as i realise that makes it worse.

but...a new month, a new (ish) start and this upcoming fall is the beginning of something for me, and i must be happy and motivated and just not the way i am now...otherwise i'll end up being feeling disappointed.


but this past weekend and more was fairly nice, there are always a lot of issues but anywho not the moment to dwell on that...

shredded wheat bites, almonds, banana, skim milk & coffee, after a morning run :)

old fashion/rolled oats in water with 1/2 cooked pear, strawberry + cinnamon, topped with non-fat soy milk and a melange of golden raisins and almonds

by the way golden raisins...ahhh my gosh they are lovelyyy. like green grapes, i realise thats the stupidest thing to say but i've traditionally eaten darker raisins, so i guess these ones were a nice change and less sweet.

enjoyed with a view :)

the last morning: old fashion oats in water & cinnamon with banana + apple (shared with my mom) along with almonds + a prune, non fat soy milk as well

...i think that's my brother (i didn't take this photo pretty sure i was in the cottage at the time :P)

saw the last harry potter with one of my best friends, but i'm okay with it i decided. i still have the books. it wasn't as scary as i thought, maybe since i've been re-reading the series so much? i feel like they will always be there. when the last book came out, well that was when i felt a bit lost, like it was over. but i don't think it ever is. that's what i love about books. and films too.

i studied a lot, notes for one of my final exams and i felt so motivated, i honestly think i retained more information than i had this whole year. that sounds awful. but i just felt happy for a bit.

and now im back, and i just feel like i have no more excuses, for anything, i have my last three exams very shortly and my whole life which needs to be organized and i can't mess up anymore. i can't fail anything else and i just need to be a lot stronger. i hope you're all doing well though :) and thank you so much for being so sweet, and lovely, and amazing :P



  1. I am excited for fall too ! It has been hot for too long. That is so great that you are more motiveted latley even though you're more stressed :/ But it is better than giving up. It will get easier.

    For me, when I can't sleep it helps to write in a journal or just make a list of things you need to do the next day or a list of goals or something. Then you can forget about it for the night, rest, then worry about it (if you need to) the next day ;P It doesn't always work, but I agree that relying on medication to fall asleep is not always good.

    I hope you had fun at your cottage, the water looks beautiful. You must have an amazing view there! Sorry to hear that there were issues there (family stuff? ) Whatever it was, I hope you are feeling better.

    Oh and about harry potter, It's not over ! no, I know there are no more books ;P there is a website called and it doesnt open until october but you can register early for it. I'm not really sure what it is though. It opens at a specific time and you have to answer a riddle to register. I made one the other day because my bother figured out the clue at 6 am haha. He's a huge fan. Can you belive I never read the books? I love the movies though.

    Good luck on your exams. Please don't worry to much about messing up lovie. You are strong already and you are not going to fail at anything.

    sorry for this novel of a comment xo love you.

  2. ahh emily i am checking that website out now...but apparently i missed the day's registration or something? and i cannot believe you haven't read the books :o baddd...:P thank you so much lovie you're too amazing xoxox

  3. Hi there jennifer! Sorry i havent commented in a while but im back to blogging sgain. Love your pictures - especially the one of the sailboat - i love the ocean!
    Glad your feeling a bit more motivated - its a new month filled with new possibilities and hope! :) aimee at walkingthrusunflowers

  4. aw thank you :) i remember you and i will look at your blog again xoxox