Friday, December 30, 2011

“it’s the little things that…”

hey lovelies :):)

i awoke to more snowwwww. yes. they called for rain, which i thought would melt the snow. i had planned a run and just sort of got ready anyway, though i was anxious for some reason and not feeling that great. story of my life, really. i finally said, do it jen! just go, you silly arse. (first time i’ve used that saying by the way, and i like it). it was not too cold but very hard to run on snow, sort of like on sand. you have no grip, plus there was ice beneath it as i noticed the last time i ran….and slush on other parts of the road. a short run but i was glad i went and it made me feel a little bit happy. it was refreshing. that’s the word. and hopefully a healthy choice for me.

you see loves,  i’m trying to choose healthy habits. i have some, not too many, and many unhealthy habits. so i hope i continue to expand the former and start to feel better. that is my dream anyway…whether it pulls through or not, well that’s partly up to me. yet i am still convinced someone out there hates me and is dealing me shitty cards all the time. if that sounds ungrateful. well then i’m ungrateful. but honestly, i don’t want to get into all of it but i just haven’t been doing that well in a number of aspects of my life and health and mind.

after returning this morning, i showered, did a few things on my computer and realised i was laaate. so i got ready. and arrived in my kitchen to wash, turn on the coffee maker and begin preparation for breakfast. yes, by late i just meant late for breakfast :) teheee…it was quite nice, but nothing new really. it’s something i have often after a run morning, and doesn’t take too long but still consists of oats in some form:

plain oats microwaved with 1/2 banana, tbsp natural almonds, cinnamon&ginger, topped with 8 bite size shredded wheat, a few small ginger pieces and a bit of milk

it stays quite hot for a while, and i don’t mind adding some shredded wheat bites which sort of absorb the milk which i don’t usually like adding to oats. i know im a bit odd, and feel strange talking about food all the time like this :P …yea i need to watch my tongue smiley use on here apparently as i got called out on formspring…i just like them, they’re cute :/

this is actually my first time writing a post, not in blogspot. apparently my computer has an application that allows me to log on and see my blog, and the post can be written in more of a word document friendly style. i don’t know if this will work at all. but it’s cool to try at least once, you know?


my new almond butter (which has not been opened…and i’ve had it for 1/2 year)

…i finally finished my natural smooth pb (just generic store brand ‘our compliments natural')  in the fridge and opened my pb+co operation smooth. so i wanted to make sure i didn’t have so many opened at once. so i will let you know how this goes but i used to eat almond butter all the time, when first tried it a few summers ago it was a daily lunch thing, sort of replacing natural pb. and i used this brand, and alto a store brand of lawblaws called ‘presidents choice’. this one is also canadian i believe . i’m not sure if you can tell but the side i showed you is in french. baha, i thought i’d be proud for a change, although i really don’t think you can even read it thanks to my skills at webcam photography…


i’ve been having less brown rice lately but i also bought this a while ago. it’s backwards (ohhh how karen/’mean girls’ i am) but i’ve never purchased this before, any of his rice products. i just typically like to make everything to do with rice from scratch. well, i guess not entirely back to the grain, but you know. and this is partially cooked somehow and takes 10 minutes i think. i thought i would try it out. but it’s whole grain brown rice, Uncle Bens :)

i don’t like how my posts have been so down, and after yesterday’s i felt like writing again. but i just feel sort of silly letting you into my problems. is there anything you would like me to include? i guess it’s fun to simply roll with it, and do my own thing. but im so self-conscious and realise that my blog is not that good. and the only questions i seem to get are either appearance-related (in a negative way though) or about my typing or…smileys :) i thought i’d end on a fun note, this was from a while ago. well, probably 2 months, maybe 2.5? it makes no sense but i somehow got it to load this time when i wrote my post through windows live writer instead of on blogspot/blogger. i hope you still want to talk to me…and read my blog. and, yea…

the old video that never uploaded properly. i though i’d treat you. jokes. it’s not interesting at all + the audio is messed up. but it’s sort of amusing i guess

have a great weekend, and i hope you have fun celebrating the new year, please be happy, for me and for you as well :) you all deserve so much happiness and i hope this new year brings with it great memories, and much less struggles.

xox lots of love, jen


  1. all the best for 2012 sweetheart x

  2. thank you laura, you as well xox

  3. Happy New Year! I hope it is a lovely one!
    And I will disagree with you, I think your blog is a good one, :) I'm always glad to see one of your posts. Again I hope this is a lovely year for you! xxx

  4. thank you calla, you as well xox