Monday, January 2, 2012

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hey lovelies :):)

happy new year

this morning i had a lovely bowl of cold cereal:

shreddies and a bit of shredded wheat, with almonds, 1/2 banana and cinnamon&ginger. along with milk of course.

jen's blog header

this is actually an image from a year or so back  in the summer, which i edited because i thought about making it a header. but then i couldn’t part with the one i have. it seemed so foreign and i didn’t like the fact that it would look totally different, since i’ve had the audrey one for a while. you see, i thought that my current one had nothing to do with my blog regarding food, just my love of film and acting. but then i realised that it was from breakfast at tiffanys…so it sort of works. and i decided to leave it. but i do like this photo of cold cereal that i took, and it closely-resembles what i have for breakfast today :)

number fifteen, “romantic flight” is my absolute favourite. please listen to it!

i cannot stop listening to this song. this soundtrack. i didn’t mention it before, because i’ve already told you about my love for the ‘how to train your dragon’ music. john powell. he is amazing. all the john’s…john debney (dreamer soundtrack) and john powell for ice age i believe. but on christmas day, while feeling like a pile of death, i watched a bit of the movie as it was playing on one of the movie channels. and the music. i can’t even explain but i just felt so incredible for a few minutes. and felt like crying and laughing and i was just dancing around like a fool. i don’t know why? but it felt good, and then once i turned the film off, it was like a light-switch. and all the sadness came back. it sucked, really.

i was just about to show an intensely-emotional video of me dancing to this song….:) ahaaa…just kidding. well not about the actual video, but i won’t show you it because i know most of you already thing im a bit unstable. for another time i guess, right? or as fred (or george?) says in the fifth harry potter book, “ah, we’ll save it for parties right?” no way, that would be embarrassing. i’ve mentioned before that i love to act, and love films, and would love to act in films, and just be a part of them in some way. i love music as well, and really admire those who do music for films. film music, soundtracks, whatever the technical name is (composers?) is just one of my favourite examples of music. that uplifting sound that accompanies films, it just makes me happy. why is that though? does anyone else get that sort of feeling from music?

i took a lovely photo of my breakfast yesterday, but forgot to add it to a blog draft, and i was at home. so now i’m back at my own computer…without the photo :( things like this really make me wonder why? and also, why am i so upset about a thing like this? it happens to me all the time. little things really get to me. but i will show it another day, it wasn’t anything truly special, but i was at home and had gone for a little run, and when i had breakfast i made plain oats in the microwave with banana, almonds, cinnamon&ginger. but i added a few dark chocolate chips on top, which i never do, and they melted a bit and paired with the almonds well. im not a huge chocolate person, and especially don’t like it in the morning. but this was just a very small bit and it was sort of good :P

i ordered a box of these on this website called iherb, which i found from another blog. it sells the types of bars i don’t have here, and this is one of my favourite flavours but it’s not in canada!!!!! oh the horror. but honestly i wish it was less sweet. i like how the cinnamon flavour is strong and over powers that soy-protein flavour that all lunas hold…but it doesn’t require the ‘ice’ part in my opinion, and i wish it didn’t, just like i wish that the others weren’t all half chocolate-covered. i like chocolate and sweet things at certain times, but i often use these bars as a pm snack, and it’s too rich for me to have something super sugary or chocolat-ey as a main snack component. but honestly, it’s not too bad, and i still like them. i realise that i’m against the norm here i guess, since most of the flavours are either iced or chocolated (not a word but it fir here), and the company caters to it’s customers.

on a sort of serious note…has anyone ever (or known anyone who has) been to ip for something other than eds? along the lines of other emotional/mental struggles…and please don’t make any assumptions with why i’m asking this, i had no way of asking anonymously. i know, i mean even i automatically think of a scary psych-ward setting with people mumbling to themselves as they walk down the hallway shuffling their feet, holding onto some portable iv drip thing. but then again, they’re still people. and i’ve changed through the years as i’ve sort of become less ignorant about such stereotypes.

well, that’s all. i hope you’re all enjoying the beginning of a brand new year. a fresh start i guess. although, we can always start fresh, we don’t really need to wait a whole year to go with the rest of the world. i like to pick random times to change and create goals. like, three minutes from now is the beginning of the rest of my life. i love saying that. it’s such a hopeful feeling, even when you’re feeling everything but. and even if you’ve just had the worst possible day, you can always turn things around.

xox love jen

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