Sunday, January 15, 2012

sunday morning oatmeal

hey lovelies :):)

good sunday morning! its a beautiful sunny (but cold) day outside. not that i've actually been out yet, but this is what i can make of it by looking out the windows :P i shall venture out later on when i walk home. i'm at my family house right now, and this morning i spent over an hour in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone.

an hour, you might ask?

well, yes! you see, i was determined to make steel cut oats properly, as close to 'le pain quotidien' as i possibly could! so i kept the heat on very low, and slowly cooked up something magical. i was proud of myself, as my parents kept saying it was wonderful, & my dad exclaimed at least three times, "this is the best hot cereal i've ever had!" now, i'm sure you lovely oatmeal
connaisseurs have higher standards, but for my parents this bowl was just fine!

bob's red mill organic steel cut oats! alongside pink grapefruit, coffee & almond milk

i cooked them in water and eventually added cinnamon, ginger, cloves & nutmeg, a few tbsp golden + thompson raisins and vanilla; i added sliced banana, chopped natural amonds & walnuts to mine, along with much more cinnamon&ginger :P

we had a large bag of baby carrots best before the a carrot-related recipe was in order!

anyway, i'm about to upload photos from my new camera finally, as im bringing it back to my place :) im excited to start taking photos more often (especially of breakfast). but i have to say, it is nice to just write & not worry about the food documentation, and it is nice to create & enjoy a meal without worrying about what it looks like, remembering to photograph it, take the extra tme. plus, often prettier bowls don't taste as good, at least in my experience.

carrot-raisin muffins, with TWO types if raisins (golden + thompson, as my mom purchased the former along with the almond milk to create rice pudding!); recipe slightly adapted from one of 'anne lindsay's' lighthearted cooking cookbooks

well i hope you're enjoying the weekend; i stated over at my family home last night, and was able to relax this morning sipping coffee, reading the sixth harry for the bajillionth time, & chatting with my parents about matters (both serious and light). it was pretty enjoyable actually!

here's a stylin' photo of my morning attire

enjoy your sundays and i will talk to you all soon :)


  1. Happy sunday to you (thought now I think it's technically over but that's just a technicality)! I'm so glad your steel cut oat adventures turned out so well and that it was enjoyed by your family! Yummy breakfast photo! And yay for reading Harry Potter! :) And I just want to say thank you since your last post and today's have made me smile and I needed that! Hope the start of your week is lovely! xxx

    1. you're so sweet calla :) im glad you felt happier! xox

  2. Jen, The oats look amazing, it was so nice of you to cook them for your family, and im so glad they turned out well.
    You know, I really need to try cooking my oats in the stove, I think I will do this at the weekend, im usually so busy in the mornings that I dont have time, and have to quickly put everything into the microwave, and it never turns out to be exactly how I would like it, so i think i need to test out the stove :P

    I hope you have a great monday ( although you are probably fast asleep right now)
    J x

    1. jess :) at my apartment i often use the micro as i wash dishes by hand so i take advantage of that when im home :P plus i don't think you can cook steel cut in the micro; often certain oats work well in the microwave as it absorbs more water + bananas or berries get yummy when microwaved with the oats :P hope you had a good day, + unfortunately i probably wasn't asleep when you wrote that :/ ahh well. xox