Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the summer blues

hello there :)

happy august everyone. i’m sort of happy that summer is coming to a close soon. but it’s a bit scary how much time has gone by, i feel as though im wasting it. or spending it doing, thinking, etc things that i shouldn’t be doing, missing out on a lot of things. i hope you’ve all had a good summer. this is my first spring/summer after graduating, so it’s not really a ‘summer’, since i guess i don’t get those holidays anymore ;P but i should be working, much more, and getting paid, actually moving forward with a career. that part has not been achieved, though, and i know that by next summer i need to be working, hopefully actually in my field of interest! it’s sort of exciting to think about that, but also a bit depressing, knowing that it might not happen and, seeing as i sort of ‘walk the walk’, it won’t be achieved unless i make some drastic changes and get my shit together aha..:/ blah.

DSC_0103 (2)

one of the many books i’ve ordered on amazon or ebay, like used/cheaper than normal! this one was a bit extreme, the diet anyway. i hope i don’t have to follow that, but a lot of if is just writing and information or ideas on the issues.

i’ve been having some difficulty with stomach/bowel and other symptoms, and heightened anxiety (noo! i didn’t think it could get worse than it already was) which gets more severe when im alone. my parents have been taking time on and off to go to our cottage and i’ve been home in the city most of the time. and somehow my symptoms are always, without a doubt, much worse consistently when this happens. my stress and anxiety levels are just so high so when they’re triggered by something (even a minor thing) it just goes wacko and i feel like death. and, well this is sort of embarrassing because i’m really old, but i tend to feel this homesick-related sadness, but multiplied by a thousand. that’s the only way i can explain it. when i was younger i would always get homesick while away at camp or other programs, when i’d be away from home for like a month or more. but my parents encouraged it, and they didn’t shelter me or anything. maybe i just have some odd extreme separation anxiety? it’s so odd, but it’s that overwhelming sense of sadness, and like someone’s sitting on my chest, and it gets so extreme and i can’t even eat or do anything, it’s so pathetic. until i snap out of it, but its like someone’s ripping my heart out <--- i realise that sounds ridiculous but it really feels like that. but that is just the extreme sadness, because my stomach-related symptoms also get worse, so putting those together, along with more anxiety is just a really bad recipe and it makes everything so extremely difficult. it’s quite pathetic, i know, but it’s something that i can’t really fix. i’ve been working much more on attempting to manage it, and do more yoga and breathing and cognitive stuff, get out more, etc. but it seems that, in the moment, none of the so-called ‘techniques’ seem to work.


oh my gosh, watching the olympics. its too intense for me, especially the swimming. i used to be a competitive swimmer, and it actually doesn’t make me want to go back to that, but i get so freaking nervous and, i don’t know, my heart is like beating, and i get all shaky and im like screaming at them to go go go and by the end i just have to leave the room aha…not in a bad sense, but i sort of work myself up ;P especially the winter olympics though, with the hockey. that’s a big thing for us i guess. and it feels incredible to see that your country’s done well, even though im obviously sitting at home, not doing anything ;) and i don’t know these individuals personally. although a girl who swam on my first team ended up in the 2000 summer olympics i believe, jenna gresdal. that was pretty cool. i have an old swim cap with her signature on it but its so gross, like disintegrating in the little box i kept it in, along with other swimming memories. probably not the best thing to have her sign :/ oh well..

i haven’t been taking many photographs lately, which i must change! i seem to only do this when im at my cottage, i just take my camera with me and try to capture different things. but then when im back in the city it sort of just sits there.


my first non-cereal breakfast in over two years! im completely serious, too. i made pancakes at the cottage a little while ago, and actually ate breakfast with other people ;) these were a generic whole grain mix but i added in an egg, and part water part skim, cinnamon/ginger, unfortunately we had no vanilla :/ and put banana in mine, and a bit of pure maple syrup on top. very yum, indeed.

anyway, oh i’ve been enjoying bars lately; i tend to either not have any, or have a bunch. and i had a combination of ones i bought myself, some as gifties (lovely lovely lovely girl who sent me them!) and some older ones that i bought on iherb as a birthday gift. so lots of ones that we don’t have here, and that’s exciting. but then sad because i can’t buy them:

TPhoto_00001 (2)

carrot cake larabar! i’ve only had it once before, also as a gift/exchange thing last summer. this is odd, but i have not seen a banana (bar…obviously i see a lot of bananas because i eat so many) for so long…have they discontinued them? i have one old one, this is gross, sitting on my shelf that i will throw out obviously. but i bought it and didn’t realise the date was pretty much past, and, yea....that was sad. i normally check the dates religiously and i was so pissed off because, i swear this health shoppe near me…things are only on sale when they’re expired and i know that its hard for them to check all the things, but i hate when i buy expired food. and then can’t return it. and i miss that bar so much, i haven’t had the flavour in like over a year and it used to be my favourite. anyway! i know, im going on about food. but i just felt sort of proud that im eating them up faster than usual. it’s also hot so im always concerned that they are going to go bad, freaking out about the temperature in our house lol, im a bit obsessive actually it’s not good. that’s another thing…i am planning so much, i feel like im constantly making lists and planning food and every blooding thing on my list, thoughts are filling my head so i can’t even think properly. i know that i just need to refrain from being so controlling, because i think that just feels the obsessive/rigid part of me.

remind yourself that, when you die, your ‘in basket’ won’t be empty.

“often, we convince ourselves that our obsession with our ‘to do list’ is only temporary—that once we get through the list, we’ll be calm, relaxed and happy. but in reality, this rarely happens. as items are checked off, new ones simply replace them. the nature of your ‘in basket’ is that it’s meant to have items to be completed in it—it’s not meant to be empty”.

(Richard Carlson, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff)

what a wise man ;P but much easier said than done, that’s for sure.

well, that’s about all i will write about today. nothing else exciting or good has happened, but hopefully i can share some good news sometime soon. i’m just in a bit of a negative slump, and it’s my fault. i get myself into these moods and i don’t try hard enough to get better i guess. but that’s just too sad for today, so i hope you’re all doing okay, im thinking of you! xox


  1. Ick, summer is my least favorite season... summer blues, indeed. I can relate to you saying that your problems just kinda build up on each other, making everything worse.. I have definitely noticed that when I get stressed/anxious, I have more IBS problems. And I TRY to relax because I'm cognizant of that issue, but anxiety is such a difficult thing to send away from the mind. I'm really interested in that book you mentioned because lately I've been having lots of digestive problems, the worst heartburn :( I hate it.

    Kudos for the pancakes :) They look great! And here's to us having a better autumn lol... Remember you're not alone in hating summer AND in "getting yourself into moods." ;) I know that too well...

    1. :) yes summer has not been too pleasant this year but sometimes its ok. that book wasn't my favourite. but there are others that are a bit older and focus more of the psychological/non-diet aspect of the stomach disorders. i hope you feel better though xox

  2. I am looking forward to the end of summer too, although I do like the summer olympics ;P I used to swim too but I stopped a long time ago. I didn't take it seriously lol but I really like that sport. The olympic swimming races are really intense.

    I'm sad to hear you haven't been feeling great lately. Feeling sad and anxious really is so much harder to deal with than people realize. I know you're not exaggerating about how it feels. I don't know how to deal with it either. I know its possible to fight it off for a little bit sometimes, but sometimes there isn't anything that can make you feel better. Its not pathetic at all.

    I love that quote. I'm the same way about being obsessive about to do lists and over-thinking about the future and the never-ending list of things I have to do. Then other times I get so overwhelmed that I don't want to do anything at all because it seems pointless. Which is not productive at all :/ I hope you find a way to relax a little and realize that you will be able to finish things you want/need to do when you want to do them. and if you don't it will be ok!


    1. i didn't know you used to swim! i started pretty young, like six. but i was too young and hated the gun (for meets before they got the beeper/starter they used those guns to fire in the air) so i stopped for a year and started again in like grade 3 lol, till gr 8, and sort of grade 9 but after that i didn't do much. i miss it though, but watching the olympics reminds me that, although i like it, i didn't want to continue to the olympics or anything (i mean i wouldn't make it, but even if i wanted to i mean). the list/obsessive stuff is hard, its hard to let go because the anxiety gets worse, and it can be productive (when done properly, in moderation) but doing it is also straining too. :/ thank you though, hope things are okay xox

  3. I am so excited by the fact that summer is getting closer to an end, though I’m afraid we’ll have hot weather here until October (it’s absolutely dreadful). I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having so much tummy/anxiety troubles, I hope they start feeling a wee bit better for you. And goodness, I can relate to you on the homesickness-related sadness, I’ve been living hours away from my parents for years now and will get these bouts of overwhelming loss (I suppose). That is a lovely little quote as well, a good way to look at things, but so complicated. Take care lovely Jen! I hope you start feeling better. xxx

    1. hey! yes, well i hope it will get colder before then, usually october is fall/autumn-ish weather. but we've had so many heat waves, it's crazy! it didn't used to be this bad, though in a large city it's sort of what happens, with the cars/pollution and what not. you take care as well, thank you so much love xox

  4. Hi sweetie! Happy to see that you are eating the bars. I hate it when you get expired food from the shops or they expire. I understand checking the temp, it can become overwhelming trying to keep food that you are holding onto for later at the 'proper' temp- lol. I usually will just try them in the fridge and take them out in the morning if I'm going to eat them that day.
    As for your first non-oats breakfast, it looks yummy. I'm proud of you for expanding your breakfast repertoire.
    As for the IBS book- I agree that often there are pts in various bks that can be helpful but not all will be personally applicable. I tend to pick and choose tips that I think will help me personally, especially with regard to GI issues. But it's always a trial and error process that is lengthy and tedious and often rift with allergies and sensitivities. Not the best, to say the least.
    Happy to hear that you are also enjoying the olympics. I'm watching gymnastics atm- kind of. I'm trying to do too many things at once. Lol. Idk like they are all so strong but I just can't get on board with their figures. I know that makes me sound horrible but it's like too much. Sorry.
    Hopefully fall is better for us all. I can't believe that summer is almost gone and of course I haven't enjoyed a day of it. Bleh. Have a good evening. xoxo -T

    1. hey :) yea i don't want them in the fridge if im not going to have them for a while, but i do that sometimes with larabars right before i have them, like with the chocolate ones or the cookie dough because i think it tastes better (those are often the softer/moist ones). yea gymnasts have crazy bodies, so strong/muscular but some of them are tall and lean, it just depends on how they're made i guess as we're all different :) but if i met some of them on the street i'd be a bit worried, lol jk but they could take me any day obviously. xox