Tuesday, December 25, 2012

a very merry

hello loves :) i hope you’re all enjoying your holiday, whatever/whichever you cerebrate. i know i don’t post often. i don’t even consider myself a blogger, or that i have a blog. i’m not really deserving of that title anymore (though i don’t thin i ever was) but i decided to post today, just a thought i had…decided to go with it, you know?

anyway, breakfast this morning…


old fashion oats cooked on the stove (ive been doing this more often…but i still like the micro, it makes them more ‘dry’ or chewy? idk i mean i like my oats that way so im not sure how to recreate that on the stove) cooked in water with cinnamon/ginger/vanilla and banana, topped with banana slices, roasted unsalted peanuts, crystallized ginger and a a bit of chopped prune (& a touch of milk)…

and my new loose-leaf (ibs-friendly!) peppermint tea in large tigger/pooh mug. *oh speaking of mugs, my mom and dad got one each from my brother, and i bought one for my mom…i didn’t know…and mine was cheaper, so i was upstaged by my brother aha…i got her a book and made goodies too though…also upstaged by some of the people my parents do investment/money stuff with and they delivered a huge basket of chocolate/gourmet things a few weeks ago and there was peanut brittle in there, some fancy store and i made it for my dad this year too…but he did say it was good when he tried some this morning. anyway! …

i had coffee before hand but that was during the present-opening-shebang…and my family had scrambled eggs and this pastry/thingie idk but i had a tiny bit of chopped pecans on top, not enough my dad said…and i took some of that ;) love pecans but i hardly buy them…and i never eat peanuts! i mean i have peanut butter occasionally but my “go-to” nut is raw almonds, love love them, so this was a change and they are really nice in yogurt w like sliced banana and a type of cereal, sort of sweet.

i won’t go into updates because no one cares aha, and there’s too much, and it’s not positive. but i was just on a little walk with my family and i came back and had a homemade ginger-molasses muffin with a vanilla soy pudding, and some dreamland herbal tea. so im just about to have a shower…i have christmas dinner at my grandmothers….she’s in a senior’s residence but we’re eating in the dining room area, hope its okay. last time it was a total nightmare (not christmas i mean when i ate there) and im anxious. plus im not feeling that well on a number of fronts. but that’s just typical of me, though, isn’t it? :/ negativity…i can’t seem to stray from it. im trying though, sort of, it’s just that everthing is so messed up i hardly know where to start.

but i have some photos of breakfasts, eats and what not…


cinnamon-raisin-oatmeal…cinnamon/ginger cooked oats w banana, raw almonds & topped w thompson raisins, a touch of milk and pb+co cinnamon raisin swirl (i don’t usually like nut butters on oats, i prefer raw/roasted)

DSC_0093 (2)

i think this was…not sure what type of porridge/oats but i added toasted wheat germ, chopped pecans and crystallized ginger & vanilla almond milk

DSC_0090 (3)

0% liberte plain yogurt w cinnamon/ginger, chopped apple, chopped prune, and a bit of crumbled homemade muffin (apple-raisin-bran) i believe…i can’t see these well because the photo is small oh my blog document aha but it’s not important i guess

i know i’m no photographer, i wish my photos looked prettier but, oh well. i can’t seem to fix this. are you bored? am i boring? is anyone reading this…i don’t know what to do :/ i guess im not just talking about my blog, here, but i missed writing, and i wanted to say hello i guess. that’s all, off to shower and what not, hope you are having a good day and please enjoy christmas for me, okay?

DSC_0094 (2)

xoxox lots of love jennifer


  1. Merry Christmas! I'm reading :) You ARE a blogger, so post whatever you like whenever you like.

    1. thank you, sarah, i appreciate this :) xox

  2. Hey Jenn! :)

    It's good to hear from you, although I'm sad to hear that things aren't going so well. I can relate to the sadness and depression that you talked about in your last post. My blog has become somewhat sporadic as well. I used to feel obligated to post everyday but now it's more of an "as I feel like it" thing. Maybe you can think of yours in the same way? It helps my blog to be more useful to me when I don't feel obligated to update.

    Anyways, you're in my thoughts. We survived the holidays :). Keep going, girl. You can beat this <3


    1. hey sarah thank you so much, love :) im glad you had a pretty good holiday, and i wish you all the best with your new program and everything. you're doing so well, xox

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Happy (belated) New Year! I just found your blog via Running with spoons and wanted to leave a comment :).

    First off, I hope your Christmas went okay and dinner at your grandma's didn't leave you feeling bad.

    Don't feel like you were a bad blogger! It's your blog, your outlet and you should write what you feel like sharing.

    Hope today's going well for you!

    1. thank you so much :) i'm excited to check out your blog, now xox