Sunday, October 31, 2010


hey lovelies :):) happy sunday, and of the month :P i wanted to update earlier than normal, but stupid me forgot to snap a photo of breaky...oh well.

similar to this from earlier in the year

oatbran with chopped dates and cinnamon cooked in (no banana as i was making it for my family) and almonds, more cinnamon :P and a bit of flax granola and multigrain life on top, with skim milk to cool it all down.

lots of almonds mmmm

okay i just need to say this...i am beee-yond excited for the last harry potter film, part one in like less than a month, and i want to preorder tickets but i don't know if anyone will dilemma i don't want to go alone, i'll buy two anyway online and beg someone...anyone wanna join??? :P ahh im re-reading...

7th time maybe?

i'm going out with my family for dinner tonight i believe, i'm sort of anxious. i haven't gone out for an actual meal in...i can't remember, well i guess the wedding in the summer, though i didn't eat much. i just get scared when other people are preparing and i don't know what's in it, and like whether it will make me sick or just, other people making it, and i don't know exactly what's in it and everything. i used to go out so much more and i loved it, i loved eating out and getting like teas and coffee and food and it made me excited, especially on family vacations or when i'd travel alone or with like groups it would be fun normally, now it's this terrifying experience :(

hard to see? :P black skinnies and banana republic tee..

anyway, i hope it will be fun. if we go to this certain restaurant, it's one of my old favourites, this nice italian restaurant and their salads are really nice, and they have certain pastas which i don't think i'll have, but they have like thin crust pizzas, i just don't know about the cheese. whatever. i will just go and then choose i guess. and its not like i'm with people i don't know, so i can feel more at ease with my family i hope.

i hope everyone is doing well, lots of love


  1. I used to be the same with meals, there were a pleasurable experience that I looked forward to! heck, i even got excited about it too! there was no such thing as fear and food. One day ill be like that again, and so will u. I hope the meal went well! happy halloween :)

  2. yes, i loved going out. its not just the eating thing, to do with like worrying about cals and stuff its also just prepared by others, and the fact that im out...i dunno aha thank you xox

  3. Count me in, i LOVE harry potter.... ive read the books many times, its like a little escape route into a magical place where nothing in my life matters for a while!
    Plus i SWEAR the pub by my house is a secret gateway into a diagon alley type wizard place... its so weird looking and the characters that go in and out are always a bit "misplaced" looking!!!

  4. but you're in the uk right? :( aha, i know i love reading, you completely are lost (in a good way though) thats funny about the pub xox

  5. you are adorable. i totally have a shopping addiction too ;). i guess it replaces some other things if you know what i mean...
    and i totally know what you mean about the holidays and it is SO sad that sometimes in the past we were excited about things like that but now holidays are hard and sad usually. i hate that. mucho.

  6. but hopefully this holiday will be lovely for the both of us :) thanks so much. xox